Disability, a pool of skills

Disability is a difference, which is still too stigmatized in our society. It is often established that disability is only a constraint. Today, the recruitment of people with disabilities is often done within the framework of quotas or diversity campaigns. However, some companies differentiate themselves by considering that disability is a pool of differentiating skills.

The handicap imposes one or more constraints which push to adapt and to live differently. This constant adaptation develops skills that are still too often unsuspected.

A person with autism asperger will be less competent in interpersonal skills but will excel at analyzing detail and complex reasoning. A deaf person will only be able to express themselves partially orally, but they will be able to communicate very well using other channels.

A person who stutters has hindered speech, but the determination and emotion that stuttering gives him can overcome this constraint.

One of the major current challenges is to highlight the 20% with disabilities who make up our society and whose skills are too neglected, because these people fall outside the norm. While their superpowers could be the solution to many of the economic and societal issues we face.

Each week, we will highlight a “hero” with a disability on the blog, who made his difference, his asset for life!

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