Gary Cohn’s journey

Young Gary was suffering from dyslexia and was permanently failing at school. A teacher went so far as to tell his parents that with luck he would become a truck driver.

Gary Cohn became chairman of Goldman Sachs and then secretary of the US treasury. An incredible journey for a young boy with a disability. Or maybe not that much after all. For him, it is from his dyslexia that he draws his strength and his ability to always go further.

« The common point that I have found in dyslexics that I know is our ability to face setbacks. We analyze most situations and we focus much more on the positive aspect of the situation than on its aspect. negative. I’ve thought about it a lot of times, because it defines who I am. I won’t be where I am without my dyslexia. I never would have taken that first opportunity. « 

His dyslexia forged him and he made it a weapon for his life. Live our difference and make it our strength

For the more curious, here is the audacity it took for him to enter wall street