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Here you will find the portal to guides specific to certain disabilities for recruiters and professionals

A few numbers to start

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of people have a disability
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disabilities are invisible

Disability is a condition that affects us all directly or indirectly.

In fact, 20% of the population has a disability.

Surprising! 80% of disabilities are invisible. Often we don’t see them, but they can prove to be a daily challenge.

Concretely, what is a handicap?

It is the inability of a person to live and act in his environment due to physical, mental, or sensory impairments. Most of the time, it results in difficulty in moving, expressing or understanding in the affected person.

Disability, a multitude of conditions

The handicap is much larger than you think. It groups together hundreds of conditions that can be grouped into 6 categories:

Physical disability

Partial or total impairment of motor skills

Visual impairment

Visually impaired and blind people

Hearing impairment

Deaf and hard of hearing people

mental health, disorder, mental illness, phobia, Panic Attack, Psychiatric, anxiety

Psychic handicap

Mental, affective and emotional disorders

Dys disorders

Written, oral or intellectual learning disabilities

Disabling diseases

Respiratory, digestive, infectious diseases

Each handicap has its own constraints and strengths.

Being with a disability does not mean that less skills, less skills, but only  that people with disabilities are different in certain situations.

These differences require adaptations but they can also prove to be a strength, because people with disabilities see the world through the prism of their difference.

Thus, disability can be a breeding ground for differentiating and innovative skills that are still under-exploited.

The objective of the stuttering guide is to allow recruiters and professionals to better understand stuttering when they come to meet people who stutter in a professional setting.