Handicap resources

You will find useful links and resources for people with disabilities

There are many resources on the internet that aim to provide the right information and to support people with disabilities on a daily basis.

Generalist resources

The best general source of information on disability is https://www.monparcourshandicap.gouv.fr/ with 4 main parts:
  • Rights, aids and procedures . You will learn more about the rights you can request beyond the famous RQTH and the steps to take to obtain them.
  • Training . You will learn more about vocational training for people with disabilities whatever your situation (work-study, job search, retraining, job retention) and the terms (funding)
  • Work-study training . You will learn more about work-study programs and what they can bring you in your professional career.
  • Employment and professional life . You will learn more about all types of employment (mainstream or sheltered environment), and the various organizations, contact points, training programs and grants that can help you in your professional career.
The site you are currently on, handicapossible.com, will provide you with information specific to the various disabilities in the professional world as well as a general toolbox. The approach is committed and emphasizes skills, personal development and self-acceptance.

In company

Within your company , you can rely on 3 types of interlocutor beyond the people with whom you work on a daily basis
  • The occupational physician who is the person who can request workstation adjustments (schedules, installation of tools, adaptation of certain tasks)
  • The social worker, who supports you in your disability-related procedures, including the RQTH request
  • The disability mission, which is in charge of supporting people with disabilities in their daily work. The disability mission is at your disposal and follows you throughout your career within the company


In France, there are many associations around disability. Some focus on certain types of disability and will be able to advise you, guide you and allow you to exchange with people having the same particularity as yours. Here is a non-exhaustive list of associations: