Tips - Prepare for your interview

You will find tips for preparing for your interview

An interview is an appointment that is being prepared. Here are 10 tips given by the company PwC :

  • Find out about the company you are interviewing at.
  • Find out about the position for which you are applying.
  • Think about the professional project in the company : Why do I want to join this company to do this work?
  • Practice : Work before the interview on the presentation of your course. If there are tests (technical, personality, language), review your knowledge and find out about the specifics of the tests.
  • Prepare documents : Carry a CV, and recommendations, if you have any.
  • Anticipate : Arrive 10 minutes early in case you have an unforeseen event.
  • Take care of your image and adopt the right attitude : The recruiter will judge your profile as much as your attitude. It is important that you are well dressed and be natural and serious.
  • Highlight your strengths : Highlight your most important qualities and your great successes.
  • Think about the after-interview : Thank the recruiter. Ask him any questions you have about his background and the rest of the recruitment process.
  • Take care of your e-reputation : Work on your linkedin profile and avoid all public content that may seem unprofessional

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