Advice - RQTH

You will find advice on how to apply for your RQTH

The RQTH is recognition as a disabled worker. She permits :

– To have access to devices to promote professional integration .

– To be eligible for the obligation to employ 6% of people with disabilities .

– Easier access to the public service .

– To benefit from flexible working hours and workstation .

– To be accompanied by specialized supports during the job search .

To obtain it, you must send a file to the MDPH in your department. The file depends on the health insurance fund.

The RQTH is explained in more detail on the AGEFIPH website  (Association for the management of the fund for the professional integration of disabled people).

RQTH request requires 2 main files  :

– The main file is used for all disability related inquiries – Link. Depending on your situation and your request, you do not have to complete everything: 

Section A is to be completed regardless of the request. You can only fill in the categories that apply to you.
Section B is to be completed only when you are concerned.
Section C is to be completed only if your request concerns education or student life.
Section D depends on your request. If your request is only for an RQTH, you can complete only section D1. If this corresponds to a larger professional project, you can complete sections D2 and D3.
Section E is for the helpers you want to apply for. You must check the aids you want to request (including the RQTH which is in E3).
Section F is optional and only applies to you if you have a family caregiver.

– The second file is the  medical certificate that you must have completed by a general practitioner.

– You may also need a checkup for your disorder. For example, for stuttering, you will need a speech therapy check-up.