Advice - Student and disability

You will find useful tips when you are a student with a disability

For a student with a disability, everyday life can be a challenge.
It is important to be able to study in the best conditions in order to achieve the desired success.
Your studies can be arranged throughout your course:
  • The entrance exam, if there is one (additional time for writing, speaking or adaptation of the tests)
  • Courses and exams
  • Internship and job search
Entrance exam
For the entrance exam, you can take specific steps with the MDPH to request specific accommodations. In order for your request to be accepted, you must have a check-up with a specialist. The specialist depends on the disorder.
Depending on the requests, it may also be necessary to have feedback from one of your teachers.
For arrangements for an entrance exam, you can also present your situation to your point of contact within the school / university you are applying to to determine your options.
It is really important to take these steps if you think it is necessary. They are long but they will allow you to be judged fairly.
Courses and exams
The daily university life can be very complicated, for reasons of accessibility. The classroom is not wheelchair accessible, the lighting can disturb a person with autism, The incessant chatter makes it difficult for people who are deaf or hard of hearing to understand the lesson. These are just a few of the hundreds
Fortunately, you are not alone. To request and implement the necessary accommodations, you can:
  • Contact the disability mission of your university. It is the guarantor of your well-being within the university. If there are no disability assignments, you can contact the person in charge of student life who can direct you to the right people.
  • Contact the student association of your university, in charge of disabled people. If there is none, you can contact the FEDEEH (find contact)
  • Contact handicapossible to have support and be accompanied free of charge in your steps
It is really important to take these steps if you need to. The more the conditions match you, the more you will be able to have good results. Success in education is key to working in a field and in a position that appeals to us.
Job and internship search
For detailed information on how to look for a job when you have a disability, you can consult our specific guide.
In recent years, company policies have become more and more inclusive. Companies are creating specific partnerships with universities for the recruitment of people with disabilities. In order to have information on possible partnerships, you can contact the disability mission and / or the business relations department of your university.